Stone setting: Bezel, Prong
Ring sizing: Gold, Palladium, Platinum, Silver
Fabrication: Soldering, Welding
Casting: Open-faced, Lost wax, centrifugal, Gravity/Vacuum Casting
Forming: Raising, Micro, Planishing, Synclastic, Anti-clastic
Sculpting: Reductive Carving, Free Forming

Related Experience


Diamond Nexus - Franklin, WI
     Finisher, 2015 - current
     Polisher, 2014 - 2015


Bachelor of Fine Arts - Jewelry and Metalsmithing, UW-Milwaukee May 2014

Funded Research

SURF with Professor Frankie Flood for Leo Berk on DCRL/INNOVA Artist in Residency Research Program: The Uncertainty of Enclosure, Spring 2014


Teaching Assistantship
     Frankie Flood UWM Spring 2013
     Michael Dale Bernard UWM Summer 2013

Metalsmithing Apprenticeship
     Stephanie Voegele UWM Summer 2013


Object: Jewelry and Metalsmithing Student Organization UWM 2012 - 2014
     President 2013 - 2014

SNAG Member 2013 - current


Gallery Night @ Terra, Milwaukee, WI 2012
Exchange: Object Truck Show, Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI 2012
Exchange: Object Jewelry Preview, Villa Terrace, Milwaukee, WI 2012
Exchange: Object Jewelry Sale, UWM Student Union, Milwaukee, WI 2012
The Art of the Tattoo Student Exhibition, Brookfield, WI 2013
Metals!13, Juried by: Nicole Jacquard, UWM 2013
ZOOM Symposium Attendee Exhibition, IU-Bloomington, Bloomington, IN 2013
Construct & Capture: Object Jewelry Preview, Villa Terrace, Milwaukee, WI 2013 (Coordinator)
Construct & Capture: Object Jewelry Sale, UWM Student Union, Milwaukee, WI 2013 (Coordinator)
Metals!14, Juried by: Heidi Lowe, UWM 2014
Senior Showcase in conjunction with Metals!14, UWM 2014
KSE Open Studios Student Sale, UWM 2014 (Coordinator) 


NC Black (Micro Forming) UWM October 2012
Jessica Calderwood (Enamel Decals) UWM April 2013
ZOOM Symposium (Will Byrd & Nicole Jacquard - Interactive Voodoo Dolls, Linda Hughes - Develop Critical Thinking & Creaticity, Rowland Ricketts - Indigo & Shibori, Stephen Saracino - Wax Carving) IU-Bloomington October 2013
Phil Troyer (Stone Setting) UWM October 2013