Alissa Fedor

Alissa Fedor was born in Waukesha, Wisconsin in 1991. She graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jewelry and Metalsmithing in 2014. Through her time at UWM she worked in a range of media including resin and plastic, silicone, metal, and wood. Her range of materials allowed for several internships including being an Artist Residency Assistant for Leo Berk under Frankie Flood and a Production Assistant for Stephanie Voegele. 

As president of Object, the Jewelry & Metalsmithing Student Organization at UW-Milwaukee, she became prepared to host and curate various exhibitions and sales on her own. She was able to execute her understanding by being involved in different metals conferences and UWM’s art exhibitions. The primary source of inspiration for Fedor is from the simple nature around her. She is drawn to everyday objects that are normally over looked. Her most recent body of work focused on trees and the natural protection provided by their bark. She continues to investigate the incorporation of the natural versus man made materials to influence conceptual conversations with the viewer.


Currently Fedor is working at Diamond Nexus in Milwaukee. She started as a Polisher in September 2014 and as of May 2015 moved to be the Finisher.